Rodent Control & Removal

The last things you want in your home are pesky rodents that lurk in corners, bringing with them germs, bacteria, and disease.
You may think mice and rats are just creepy and scary, but they're also unsanitary and you never know what they may carry. When store-bought traps and bait just won't do, it's time to call in the professionals for help.
Rat Inside A Hole — pest control washington in Washington, PA
Rat — pest control washington in Washington, PA
Mice — pest control washington in Washington, PA

The Mice and Rat Experts

Selway Termite, Co., Inc. has been taking care of rodents in the Pittsburgh area since 1949. Our licensed and skilled staffs know the latest techniques for making sure rats and mice stay far away from your home or commercial property.
Locally-owned and operated for more than 6 decades!

Rodent Warning Signs

  • Black, pellet-like droppings
  • 3/4" blunt droppings from rats
  • Frayed electrical cords
  • Nighttime squealing and scurrying
  • Shredded paper

Keeping rodents at bay

Let us inspect your home or commercial property for rodents, as well as take measures to keep them away. For more information on rodents, click here.

Call us to take care of your rodent problems!